About Dark Side of the Spoon

Welcome to Dark Side of the Spoon! I’m Cara, and I’d like to thank you for stopping by!  In addition to being easy-to-prepare and delicious, most of the recipes that I share here will be paired with a lighter version that contains less fat and fewer calories.  The easily-navigable links and recipe pages will allow you to choose the recipe version that’s perfect for any occasion.

About Cara

2I’m originally from San Jose, CA, and I spent my childhood years cheering on the Giants at Candlestick Park,  boogie boarding in Santa Cruz,  and playing outdoor sports year round.  At 17 I left my home and flip flops behind to brave the snowy winters at Syracuse University.  There, I discovered my love of beer, tackled a few girls on the rugby pitch, met my future husband, and went to a few classes.  After graduation, I settled down with my now-husband, AJ, in Rochester, NY.  I lived there for 17 years and after being away from my family for so long and putting up with horrible winters, I finally convinced AJ to move back to California. You can relive the live-blog of our cross-country journey with our two cats here.  AJ and I are expecting our first child, a girl, in September.

When I’m not cooking and baking, you can find me playing and watching sports. I’m a huge college basketball fan and love my Bay Area professional teams. Reading, wine, cruising, eating out, ranch dressing, wasting time on the Internet, and bar games are my other likes.  My dislikes include marshmallows, dry chardonnay, passively-bragging Facebook posters, and bad drivers.   I also love to listen to music, and I mostly rotate between 80s rock and pop, metalcore, and of course, Pink Floyd.


About the Food

bscwaffles_featuredA lot of my cooking has been influenced by the extensive amount of time spent on both coasts, with my love for seafood and Mexican food cultivated by my time in California, and a heavy focus on Italian and pastas from my years in Rochester.  I’m mainly a cheese and carb-lover, and AJ is a meat and potatoes guy, so a lot of my recipes are tweaked to satisfy us both.  AJ will also be making some guest appearances on the blog and sharing some of his recipes, so anytime you stumble upon a recipe that contains 3 lb. of bacon, you can be pretty sure that its one of his.

Thanks again for visiting!